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The Island's Hidden Gem!

The Sanibel Café was established in 1984, and over over 30 years later it has become famous around the world for its delicious food and spectacular fossilized sea shell table tops!

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In 1978, this restaurant first opened as the Pancake and Omelette House.  With home-style cooking and diner décor, the "P&O" quickly became a local favorite.  In 1984, Lynda Leonard Boyce bought and transformed the diner into the award-winning Sanibel Café.  The legendary Lynda created and served some of the finest fare on these islands for twenty-two years.  In the spring of 2006, Lynda passed on the spatula to Ken Loewit and Richard McCurry.

Richard and Ken share a friendship and a passion for the island that stretches over 30 years. Some see them as “local color;” others as “island treasures.” In any event, most of the stories reported are highly exaggerated. Nonetheless, they saw the opportunity for thrills and excitement in this adventure, and now their journey together continues with the Sanibel Café.

Nowadays, Richard is a full-time resident and can be found at the Café every day. Ken also works in the theatre department at Wellesley College near Boston, Massachusetts, and returns to the island whenever school is out. But whether together or apart, they are always working to make The Sanibel Café the best restaurant on the island!